Strategic Thinking (in Arabic) from 6th to 10th October 2019

This course was conducted by Ms. Sara A Shimmari and Dr. Sally Hammoud. It’s a contractual program in cooperation with several entities (Ministry of Awqaf – Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) – Partnership Projects Authority – Ministry of Finance – Public Authority for Manpower – Public Authority for Applied Education – Public Authority for Minors Affairs – Ministry of Information –…

Stress Management (in Arabic) from 13th to 17th of October, 2019

A contractual program, in cooperation with the Public Authority for the Disabled, held from October 13 to 17, 2019, and presented by Dr. Ahmed Al-Hamoud. The program aims to get rid of work stress and problems and inform participants of the causes of work stress.

Problem Solving (in Arabic) from 13th to 17th of October 2019

The program aims to develop the capabilities of the participants and provide them with the various knowledge and skills necessary to make decisions and solve problems and take appropriate measures to solve and confront them, and to give them the ability to predict and diagnose problems through reviewing many of the models and methods used to enable them to make…

Financial Management and Auditing (in Arabic) from 3rd to 7th of November 2019

This course was conducted by Dr. Muhammad Huwail / a multi-faceted, individual program (Ministry of Finance – General Endowment Secretariat – Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) – Ministry of Trade – Ministry of Oil – Public Authority for Applied Education) that was held on 03-07 November 2019